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35 Years of Bach in Boulder

Dear Friends in Nature, Music, Dance, Art and Life,

Bach, leaves, LeipzigBoulder Bach celebrates 35 years of presenting profoundly moving and passionate music events on the Front Range. This season we explore the concert experience as one which is personally transformational, inspiring self reflection and providing a means of elevation of the spirit, sometimes delving deeply into the dark only to soar even higher into the radiant glow of oneness, the divine.

We are honored and pleased to read words from last season :

every musician on stage … was inspired … an amazing range and depth of mood which was absolutely exhilarating

opus Colorado

provocative, and sensational … it is this kind of creative rethinking that keeps the great masterpieces alive in our times

sharps and flatirons

noble … revelatory … an overwhelming experience

daily camera

Photography by Glenn Ross.
Internationally recognized solo artists join the most phenomenal Colorado musicians in riveting performances you’ll remember forever.
Be here with us as we bypass the trails altogether, wandering through a vast terrain of perspectives on the musical journey.
If ever there was a season to purchase your tickets in advance, and to reserve them for your family, friends and colleagues, this is it!
In Joy the Muse,

Zachary Carrettin, Music Director
Zachary Carrettin, Music Director