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Painting Debussy and Bach in Dance

What does it mean for a piece of music to be colorful? What makes up a musical line? Violinist and visual artist Michiko Theurer (BBF Artist in Residence), together with dancer Erika Randall (CU Boulder dance faculty) and pianist Mina Gajic (BBF Education and Outreach Director) present a tableau of music, painting, and dance that explores the ideas of line and color in the music of Bach and Debussy.

J.S. Bach (1685-1750) and Claude Debussy (1862-1918) came from very different worlds and yet often shared a similar, dance-like sense of motion in their music. Line/Color/Motion explores their contrasting approaches to creating this sense of motion by comparing it with two different approaches to painting, one based on the development of line, and the other based on the juxtaposition of colors. Michiko Theurer will present two new paintings of dancer Erika Randall, created in the styles of Bach and Debussy respectively, and use them to discuss the composers’ approaches to line and color. She will be joined by Randell and Gajic for a performance of original choreography to Bach’s G minor Adagio for Solo Violin and the Allegro Vivo from Debussy’s Violin Sonata.”

11/7 5pm Nomad Playhouse (free admission)

11/8 5pm Stewart Auditorium (free admission)