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noble … revelatory … an overwhelming experience”

Daily Camera

The Boulder Bach Festival has undergone a sea change …every musician on stage … was inspired … an amazing range and depth of mood which was absolutely exhilarating.”

The best Boulder Bach Festival Orchestra I have heard to date … The choir seemed to be full of energy and excitement.”

Opus Colorado

The choral singing was immaculate, the orchestra superb, and the five soloists were as well matched as any oratorio soloists you are likely to hear.”

The intonation among the singers and the orchestral players was exquisite, lending a clarity and transparency to Bach’s counterpoint that is only rarely achieved. In its accumulated impact, this may have been the most complete realization of the B-minor Mass I have heard.”

Creative, provocative, and sensational … It is this kind of creative rethinking that keeps the great masterpieces alive in our times.”

Sharps and Flatirons