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Venice on Fire

FRI, MAR 18, 2016 (7:30pm) TICKETS
The Dairy Center Performance Space, Boulder
SAT, MAR 19, 2016 (7:30pm) TICKETS
The new Stewart Auditorium at the Longmont Museum

When one reduces performance practice to a set of easily understandable, formulaic, predictable, dogmatic, and banal principles, he has done a great disservice to the art which is the music, and to his students.

Thinking in music opens Pandora’s box. The only two roads are either leave it closed or spend a lifetime questioning, where nothing is certain, but there are moments of exquisite beauty, enlightenment, and authenticity, truth.

— Carrettin

Don’t miss a single exciting concert in this historic 35th season!!


Dear Friends in Nature, Music, Dance, Art and Life,

Boulder Bach celebrates 35 years of presenting profoundly moving and passionate music events on the Front Range. This season we explore the concert experience as one which is personally transformational, inspiring self reflection and providing a means of elevation of the spirit, sometimes delving deeply into the dark only to soar even higher into the radiant glow of oneness, the divine.